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Leanne Dickie Chester, RMT

When you have any of these conditions, please do not book a massage:


Fever.  Temperature at or above 38C or 100.4F

Contagious diseases, including any cold or flu, no matter how mild it may seem.

Symptoms of Covid-19 often include:  fever, cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breathe, runny nose, headache, sore throat, and even changes in taste or smell.  Young babies may present with gastrointestinal disease.  Children may present with a rash on their feet. 

If you are unsure, please play it safe and reschedule your appointment.

If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, please wait 14 days from the time of exposure before booking a treatment, regardless of symptoms.

Once your symptoms subside and you are no longer feverish or contagious a massage may help with post illness soreness from coughing, sneezing or inactivity.  You will need a doctor's approval to receive massage therapy if you had previously tested positive for Covid-19.

Please be assured, as always, we take the cleanliness of our clinic very seriously.  We will continue to practice safe hand washing, linen laundering, and clinic environment sanitation practices. We also have face masks and hand sanitizer available. 

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep our clinic environment safe for everyone.